How much land be required for the palm oil processing plant?

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As a customer who just enters in palm oil processing industry, you should learn about what information you need to know to promote the project, such as raw material supply, product sales, factory land, worker training and other issues. And the issue of required land for palm oil processing plant is an important investigation module. In fact, the actual palm oil processing plant land area needs to consider the following aspects:

1.Which sectors are included in the entire palm oil processing plant?

Processing workshop, raw material storage area, floor scale, oil storage area, power room, worker canteen dormitory, security room, etc. They are all areas that need to be included in a complete plant.

palm oil processing plantPalm oil processing plant

2.How much land is required for the palm oil processing workshop?

The palm oil processing workshop land area is the most important area that affects the required land of palm oil processing plant. The detailed working shop land area depends on how much processing capacity the customer chooses. The following is the workshop area required for placing the palm oil processing equipment with our conventional processing capacity. You can take it as a reference:

Palm oil processing line Workshop size(L*W*H)
1tph palm oil press line 15*15*8m
2tph palm oil press line 18*15*8m
5tph palm oil press line 30*15*8m
2tph steam design palm oil press line 18*15*8m
5tph vertical sterilizer palm oil press line


3.How much land is other areas required?

① For raw materials storage area, customers need to decide how often to purchase raw materials after determining the daily processing capacity. Considering the peculiarities of palm fruits that are prone to rancidity, it’s suggested to buy raw materials once every two days, or purchase fresh raw materials every day. If the customer wants a 1tph press line, which works 12 hours a day and purchases raw materials every day, he needs to prepare a 12-ton raw material storage area.

② For oil storage area, it is related to how long the palm oil sales cycle is. If the customer’s palm oil processing line is a 1tph press line and works 12 hours a day, then 2.5 tons of crude oil can be obtained every day. If the oil is sold once a week, the customer needs a 30 cubic meters oil storage tanks.

③ And for the land areas for weighbridges, power houses, workers’ canteens, security rooms, etc., it requires the customer to specify the approximate area and how much space to reserve.

For all the above areas, Henan Glory’s engineer team can first calculate a rough data of palm oil processing plant land area, and then design a specific delivery room layout drawings according to the customer’s red line map of the plant area and detailed requirements.

Our engineersOur engineers are designing for customers delivery room layout drawings

As a professional palm oil processing equipment designer and manufacturer, Henan Glory company has assisted many customers in installing the palm oil processing plant. If you have interests, welcome to contact us and we will customize you the most suitable palm oil processing equipment and plant design solutions!

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