How does a small scale palm oil processing equipment turn palm fruits into red palm oil?

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As a professional manufacturer of palm oil processing machine, every day, we receive many inquiries from overseas customers who want to set up palm oil mill plants and buy palm oil processing equipment. But many new customers are not very clear about the whole processing process of palm fruit and don't know how to turn the palm fruits into red palm oil. So in order to help more people understand the processing process of palm fruit and join this industry, today, Henan Glory Company will introduce the process flow of the palm fruit squeezing production line to you. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

palm oil processing machineSmall scale palm oil processing machine and palm oil processing process

The detailed processing process of turning palm fruits into red palm oil is as follows:

The palm fruit bunch is first picked from the palm tree. Then the palm fruit bunches will be transported to the palm oil mill plant for further processing.

In order to ensure the freshness of the fruit and the quality of the pressed crude red palm oil, it is generally necessary to sterilizing the fruit bunch first, which is beneficial to the separation of the fruit, prevents the fruit from rancidity. In small scale palm oil mill plant, the vertical steam sterilizer machine is the most commonly used equipment.

palm oil processing machineVertical sterilizer machine

After that, the fruit bunches are put into a drum type threshing machine for fruit threshing. This step can ensure us get complete fruit and empty fruit bunches. The empty fruit bunches are transported away as fertilizer, and the palm fruit will enter the mashing tank for preliminary crushing.

palm fruit thresherPalm fruit thresher machine

Palm fruit mashing process is facilitate to the subsequent pressing. The processed palm pulp will be sent to double screw palm oil press machine to squeeze the cooking oil. After that, we will get crude red palm oil and the mixture of palm nuts and fibers.

palm oil press machineDouble screw palm oil press machine

Getting crude red palm oil does not mean the end of the palm oil extraction process. Next, we need to filter out most of the impurities in the crude oil. So the palm oil clarification machine is vital. To ensure we can get high quality palm oil, the crude red palm oil will enter three separate filtration facilities, they are: vibrating sieve, sedimentation tank and plate and frame filter. The vibrating sieve can filter palm fruit fiber, sedimentation tank can filter sediment and other impurities, plate and frame filter can remove fine impurities and part of water. And the final vacuum drier can dry the excess water in the crude palm oil, which is conducive to storage.

After the above processes, we will get final crude palm oil. It can be stored in a crude palm oil storage tank or be sent to tanker truck.

The above is the entire processing process of turning palm fruits to red palm oil. If you want to enter the palm oil processing industry and learn more about our small scale palm oil processing equipment, please consult us. Looking forward to your consultation.

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