What are the differences of different types of sterilizers in palm oil pressing mill?

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The equipment involved in palm oil pressing mill mainly contains sterilizer, thresher, digester and palm oil expeller, vibrating screen, plate filter, etc. Besides the palm oil presser, the sterilizer is the second most important equipment. There are so many different types of sterilizers in the market, so here Henan Glory introduces their differences to help you choose the right one you prefer.【Recommended reading: Why is it necessary to sterilize the palm fruit bunches first and then separate the palm fruit in the large-scale palm oil mill production process?

In large scale palm oil pressing mill, there are mainly three types of applicable sterilizers: vertical sterilizer, horizontal sterilizer and inclined sterilizer. Among them, the most frequently used are vertical sterilizer and horizontal sterilizer. So here we will mainly introduce the differences of these two kinds of sterilizers.

Sterilizer types Vertical sterilizer Horizontal sterilizer
Footprint difference Covers a small area Covers a large area
Automatic degree
High degree of automation, with automatic opening door, and it requires less labor; Composed of multiple trolleys, and the degree of automation is relatively low and requires more labor;
Investment cost difference Higher price Lower price

vertical sterilizer and horizontal sterilizerVertical sterilizer and horizontal sterilizer

In small scale palm oil pressing mill with processing capacity less than 10tph, there are also three types of applicable sterilizers. And they also have different applications and features.

Sterilizer types Heating method Sterilization time
Boiled sterilizer Without a steam boiler, directly burns hot water to produce steam for heating. 90-120 minutes
Steam-boiler sterilizer The steam boiler (with automatic opening door) will provide steam for heating. 60-90 minutes
Vertical-steam sterilizer Use a boiler and heat through the outer heating coil, which is more efficient. No palm fruit cages is needed.

60-90 minutes

If you have any query about these sterilizers and palm oil mill plant, please contact Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd. We have the professional engineers team with rich experience to customize the most suitable palm oil milling machine and processing solutions!

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