Why is it necessary to sterilize the palm fruit bunches first and then separate the palm fruit in the large-scale palm oil mill production process?

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The most standard modern palm oil mill production process for large-scale palm oil mill plant is sterilizer - thresher - digester - presser - filtration. The processing of raw materials generally follows the principle of sterilizing the palm fruit bunches first and then separating the palm fruit. The reasons why palm fruit needs to be sterilized first are as follows:

1. Increase the moisture of the fruit and offer convenience to separate the fruit from the fruit bunch;

2. Destroy the activity of lipid-decomposing enzymes, decompose tissues, and slow down the rancidity of fruits, so as to prevent the free fatty acid(FFA) content from increasing;

3. Make oil molecules condense on the surface, destroy the internal structure, and facilitate pressing.

palm oil mill production processPalm oil mill production process

Generally speaking, in large-scale palm mill plant, Henan Glory recommends that customers use the vertical steam sterilization tank to carry out the sterilization process of palm oil processing. The vertical sterilization tank integrates steaming and boiling functions, and has the advantages of small footprint and high heating efficiency. The entire sterilization process only takes 60-90 minutes, and continuous production can be realized.

vertical steam sterilization tankVertical steam sterilization tank

After the palm fruit bunches are sterilized, they enter the new drum type thresher to realize threshing purpose through the collision between the lining boards. The fruit removal efficiency is high, and the fruit removal rate can reach to 98%.

new drum type thresherNew drum type thresher

All above is why it’s necessary to sterilize the palm fruit bunches first and then separate the palm fruit. If you also want to separate palm fruit from bunches efficiently and get more palm oil to obtain great economic benefits, welcome to contact Henan Glory Company. No matter what scale palm oil mill business you want to develop, our engineer team can customize the most suitable palm oil processing machine for you!

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