How long will it take to ship palm oil processing machine to Côte d'Ivoire?

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Customers of palm oil processing equipment purchased from Henan Glory often ask us how long it will take to ship to Côte d'Ivoire? We will explain to you in this article.

This time is mainly influenced by two factors: the production cycle of the machine and the transportation cycle.

The first factor is the production cycle.

Small palm processing equipment, such as single screw press and double screw press, are in stock from our factory. The production cycle of the simple palm crushing production line generally takes two weeks, while the large palm crushing production line generally takes 45-60 working days.

palm oil processing machineSeveral high-selling palm processing equipment solutions

Next is the transportation cycle.

In terms of transportation mode, air transportation is faster than sea transportation, but sea transportation is more economical and suitable for bulk cargo. Our equipment is generally shipped by sea.

There are many ports in Côte d’Ivoire. Taking Abidjan as an example, it usually takes 80 days to ship from Qingdao, China to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and it usually takes 80 days for the whole container to be faster than the container.

palm oil making machineShipment pictures of palm processing equipment

Therefore, the time of ship palm oil processing machine to Côte d'Ivoire cannot be precisely stated, you can ask us for specific details.

Henan Glory Company is an experienced palm processing equipment manufacturer and has sold palm processing equipment to many countries. If you want to purchase the palm processing equipment, please contact us.

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