How can I purify crude palm oil? What is the purification process?

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High quality standard palm oil is now more competitive in the market. Therefore, more and more palm oil processing plants will use palm oil refining machine to remove the impurities out of crude palm oil to achieve the purpose of purification. The crude palm oil purification process mainly includes the following four steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization.

crude palm oil purification processCrude palm oil purification process

Degumming is the first step to purify crude palm oil. Generally speaking, the colloidal impurities in crude palm oil can be removed by physical or chemical methods.

Deacidification is the second step to purify crude palm oil. Crude palm oil contains free fatty acids, which will affect the stability and flavor of palm oil to a certain extent, and can be removed by alkali neutralization.

Decolorization is the third step to purify crude palm oil. Crude palm oil contains chlorophyll, carotenoids and other pigments, which affect the stability and appearance of the final palm oil, so white clay is often used to absorb pigments and other impurities in palm oil, lighten the color and increase the value of the oil.

Deodorization is the fourth step to purify crude palm oil. Water vapor is commonly used to deodorize palm oil. The deodorization time and temperature of this section must be strictly controlled, which is beneficial to inhibit the production of trans fatty acids, reduce the loss of tocopherol, reduce polymerization, and reduce vitamin breakdown.

crude palm oil refining machineCrude palm oil refining machine

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