What are the problems existing in palm kernel oil production process? How to solve these problems?

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The palm kernel oil processing business is like a mine waiting to be developed, which can bring great profits. Meanwhile, palm oil processing poses challenges. At present, palm kernel shell separation difficulty and palm kernel pressing difficulty are the main problems existing in palm kernel oil production process.

palm kernel oil processingPalm kernel oil processing

Palm nut are relatively large and hard. If they are not crushed and separated, on one hand, palm kernel oil processing equipment may be damaged, and on the other hand, it may absorb oil and reduce the oil yield. In order to better speed up palm kernel oil processing efficiency and increase oil production rate, Henan Glory Company has specially developed professional palm kernel cracker&separator realize effective crushing of palm nuts, and the shelling rate has reached 95%.

palm kernel shell crushing and separating machinePalm kernel cracking and separating machine

Besides that, palm kernel pressing difficulty is also a problem existing in palm kernel oil production process. Palm kernel has special particularity, the general conventional oil expeller can not be adopted to press palm kernel. If palm kernel is not pressed sufficiently, palm kernel oil yield and processing benefit will be affected. In this regard, Henan Glory Company’s professional engineer team specially designed palm kernel oil expeller, which not only ensure smooth and efficient palm kernel pressing process, but also improve the oil yield of palm kernel oil.

palm kernel pressing machinePalm kernel pressing machine

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, Henan Glory company can also customize you with other palm kernel oil processing equipment to help you comprehensively improve palm kernel oil processing efficiency and processing benefits. Welcome to consult us about the latest free quote!

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