How is palm kernel oil produced and processed? What machines are required?

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In contrast to traditional African style palm kernel oil pressing method, this article focuses on how is palm kernel oil produced and processed by using a series of advanced processing machine. The palm kernel oil is produced and processed through the following steps: fiber & nut separating, palm kernel cracking and separating, crushing, cooking, pressing and filtering etc. Each step is equipped with advanced processing machine. It has the overwhelming advantages in terms of high oil yield, high efficiency and high quality palm kernel oil.

How is palm kernel oil produced and processed as the picture shows:

palm kernel oil processing machinePalm kernel oil production process

Fiber & nut separating

Separating the fiber from the palm kernel to improve the efficiency of the pressing, and to avoid the impact of fiber blockages during the pressing process.

Machine required: fiber & nut separator

Palm kernel cracking and separating

Husking and separating palm kernel and its shell to make it easier to press palm kernel oil from palm kernels and also to avoid wear and tear of the palm kernel oil pressing equipment.

Machine required: palm kernel cracker and separator


Crushing the palm kernel into small fragments, so as to make the palm kernel be heated evenly in the next cooking process.

Machine required: crusher

palm kernel oil processing machinePalm kernel craker and separator machine


Cooking the palm kernel to adjust the temperature and moisture of palm kernel, and make it easier to be pressed by palm kernel oil expeller.

Machine required: cooker


Squeeze the palm kernel oil out of the palm kernel. And we can obtain crude palm kernel oil. But there are still some impurities in crude palm kernel oil, so we need a simple filtration process.

Machine required: palm kernel oil expeller

palm kernel oil processing machinePalm oil processing machine


Removing the impurities from crude palm kernel oil. And then the filtered oil will be sent into crude oil storage tank.

Machine required: plate filter

It is worth noting that if you want higher oil yield and quality palm kernel oil, Henan Glory Company engineers can also customize a set of solvent extraction processing machine and refining processing machine for you. Of course, we can also add or delete palm kernel oil processing machine depending on your daily capacity and capital budget.

If you are a newcomer of palm kernel oil processing machine and want to engage in palm kernel oil business to make awful profit, Henan Glory Company will be your best guide. Welcome to make an order!

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