How to make palm kernel oil in factory? What machines are needed?

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Not only can the pulp of palm fruit be refined for oil, but palm kernels are also rich in oils, which can usually be extracted by pressing way. To make palm kernel oil in factory, six steps need to go through: fiber & nut separating, kernel & shell separating, crushing, roasting, pressing, filtering.

palm kernel oil pressing processPalm kernel oil pressing process

The following will introduce the palm kernel oil production process in details combined with the needed palm kernel oil processing machines.

Step 1: fiber & nut separating (fiber & nut separator)

Separate the fiber and palm kernel so that the palm kernel oil pressing process go smoothly and fiber clogging phenomenon can be avoided.

Step 2: kernel & shell separating (palm kernel cracker and separator)

Separate the palm kernel from the shell, so that it is easier to squeeze palm kernel oil and it can also avoid equipment wear.

Step 3: crushing (crusher)

Divide the palm kernel into small pieces to increase the surface area of the palm kernel, which can improve the efficiency of palm kernel oil pressing.

Step 4: roasting (cooker)

Adjust the temperature, humidity of palm kernels to make them in good condition before pressing.

Step 5: pressing (palm kernel oil expeller)

Palm kernels have high hardness, and a professional palm kernel oil expeller is required to extract palm kernel oil from palm kernels through mechanical extrusion.

Step 6: filtering (Plate filter)

The pressed palm kernel oil is filtered into clearer palm kernel oil, and the oil quality will be better.

palm kernel oil processing machinePalm kernel oil processing machine

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