What's the features of small scale palm oil processing machine?

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Small palm oil processing machine is composed of sterilization station, threshing station, digesting & pressing station, oil clarification station, suitable for small scales palm oil workshops or palm oil processing plants. And it becomes one of the best-selling machine manufactured Henan Glory Company by virtue of the following four features: low investment cost, high automation degree, high oil yield and small footprint.

palm oil processing machinePalm oil processing machine

Feature 1: low investment cost

The small scale palm oil processing machine had full functions but relatively speaking, it has cheaper price than other bigger scale palm oil processing machine. Here is a cost range for reference, a simple small scale palm oil processing machine costs about 8000-15000USD, and standard 1t/h palm oil processing machine costs about 98000-130000USD.

Feature 2: high automation degree

Small palm oil presses are highly automated and efficient, requiring only 2-4 people to complete the processing from palm fruit bunches to palm oil. For example, our palm oil pressing machine can realize automatic feeding and uniform discharge without spending a lot of labor and time.

Feature 3: high oil yield

The small scale palm oil processing machine is well designed by Henan Glory Company's professional engineering and technical team, and the machine parameters are all strictly controlled. According to our multiple machine testing inspections and users feedback, our palm oil processing machine can not only ensure that the residual oil rate in the cake is less than 7%, but the mixture of fiber and palm nuts produced are almost free of residual oil.

Features 4: small footprint

Glory's palm oil processing machine is compact and reasonably designed. A standard 1t/h palm oil processing line only takes spaces about 15m×15m×8m. For palm oil processing needs of larger production lines, our engineers can customize you with plant design drawings according to your requirements.

small scale palm oil processing machineSmall scale palm oil processing machine

Henan Glory Company has the advantages of machine development and design, and can customize different scales palm oil processing machine and provide constructive palm oil processing solutions in conjunction with user needs. If you want to invest in palm oil processing business, welcome to contact us and tell us your requirements, Glory can help you get better economic benefits!

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