What machine are used to produce palm oil in palm oil pressing plant? How do they work?

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What machines are used to produce palm oil in palm oil pressing plant is a topic that most clients care about. In fact, the palm oil processing machine required will be slightly different according to clients’ different requirements. In general, a standard palm oil pressing plant require the following equipment: sterilizer, drum type thresher, digester, palm oil presser, clarification equipment and vacuum dry system.

Here, Henan Glory Company will take the standard palm oil pressing plant as an example, introducing palm oil processing machine required and how do they work.


palm oil pressing machinePalm fruit sterilizer

Sterilizer is a equipment that injecting direct steam into the sterilizer to boil the palm fruit. The high temperature makes the fruits soften, it is easy for fruit threshing.

2.Drum type thresher

palm oil pressing machinePalm fruit thresher

The Drum type thresher is used to separate the palm fruit from the FFB. It can easily make each piece of fruit is separated from the rest of the bunches during rotating process.


palm oil pressing machineDigesting & pressing station

It can be used to crush palm fruit, use high temperature to soften the fruit and kill the bacteria. Sterilizing, threshing and digesting all help to increase the palm fruit oil yield.

4.Palm oil presser

palm oil pressing machineDouble screw palm oil presser

It is an equipment that special-designed for palm fruit to squeeze oil out. It extracts palm oil from palm fruit by mechanical extrusion. Henan Glory Company can supply two types of palm oil presser: single screw palm oil presser and double screw oil presser.

5.Clarification equipment

palm oil pressing machineClasrification tank

The crude palm oil obtained always contains a lot of impurities and water. It usually use vibrating screen, clarification tank and plate filter to remove the impurities from the crude palm oil and obtain relatively pure palm oil.

6. Vacuum dry system

Vacuum dry system is used to evaporate water from the crude oil by means of high temperature heating, aims at improving the oil storage stability. This is because the presence of water in crude palm oil makes the oil susceptible to rancidity and spoilage, making it difficult to store.

It is worth noting that our engineer can customize a suitable palm oil processing machine to fit your specific needs. For clients who have a limited budget, our engineers recommended that you can choose a simple thresher, single screw palm oil presser and a frame filter to make up a simple palm oil production line. These equipment is sufficient to meet the daily production needs of your plant. But if your daily capacity is large, our engineer suggest that you should choose a complete set of palm oil processing machine.

If you want to engage in palm oil business to make awful profit, I believe that Henan Glory Company will be your first choice. Welcome to make an order!

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