How to make clear organic palm kernel oil?

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Clear organic palm kernel oil also called palm kernel oil is widely used in the food industry, palm kernel oil soft fat, hard fat can be used in cream, ice cream (especially fat), soap, can replace coconut oil and cocoa butter. Since palm kernel oil is so versatile and valuable, more and more customers want to know the production process and equipment of palm kernel oil.

palm kernel oil extraction processPalm kernel oil extraction process

Palm is mainly grown and planted in tropical areas such as Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, etc. Palm kernel is the core of palm fruit. Generally, the mixture of fiber and core obtained after palm fruit pressing is collected and stored in a centralized manner. Because the palm nuts has a hard shell, which is not conducive to the extraction of palm kernel oil. Before extracting palm kernel oil, the palm kernel must be peeled and separated first by using professional palm kernel cracking and separating system. Our palm kernel cracking and separating system can adjust the distance between the peeling machine tooth plate and the beater according to the size of the palm nuts. On the basis of the crushing of the shell, the integrity of the kernel is guaranteed, so that the subsequent cyclone separation equipment can ensure the efficient separation of the shell and the palm kernel. What's more, the shelling and separation rate of palm kernel cracker and separator can reach 97%.

palm kernel cracking and separating machinePalm kernel cracking and separating machine

Next, the obtained complete palm kernel will enter the palm kernel oil pressing production line for processing. Because the palm kernel is very hard, we usually need to use palm kernel crusher machine to crush palm kernel to small pieces to reduce the wear rate of the machine and improve the oil yield. And then, we need to use oilseeds roastor to adjust the moisture and temperature to achieve the best extraction index , so that the oil can be extracted as much as possible and the residual oil rate can be reduced. After that, the prepared palm kernel will be sent to palm kernel oil press machine to produce palm kernel oil. Our palm kernel oil press can guarantee a residual oil rate of 6-7%, saving time and effort after pressing once. The main parts are forged with 45-gauge steel, and the other large parts are cast iron and ductile iron. The forging process is different: forging, immersion, quenching, the purpose is to increase the hardness. There are some ordinary carbon steels palm kernel oil press machine on the market, but they have a short service life and are not durable. The palm kernel cake after pressing is thin and dry, which is no way to get the best pressing effect.

palm kernel oiil processing machine Small scale palm kernel oil processing machine

Finally, we need to use a filter to simply filter palm kernel oil to obtain clean palm kernel oil. If you want to store your palm kernel oil for a longer period of time. The crude oil needs to be refined.

palm kernel oil filter machine Plate filter machine used to filter crude palm kernel oil

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