How to convert palm kernel oil to vegetable oil?

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Crude palm kernel oil usually consist of needless impurities which has bad effect in palm kernel oil taste and storage time. In order to convert crude palm kernel oil to edible and high standard vegetable oil, it’s necessary to refine the crude palm kernel oil through the following four steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization.

palm kernel oil refinery processPalm kernel oil refinery process

Step 1: degumming

Peptized impurities not only affect the stability of oil, but also affect the palm kernel oil to vegetable oil refining effect. We can adopt hydration degumming and special acid degumming method to remove peptized impurities contained in crude palm kernel oil.

Step 2: deacidification

If the content of free fatty acids in oil is high, the palm kernel oil is prone to rancidity and is not easy to store. Therefore, deacidification is an indispensable section of palm kernel oil to vegetable oil refining process. We can add NaOH solution to neutralize the free fatty acids.

Step 3: decolorization

This step mainly aims to remove the pigment in the crude palm kernel oil, so that the color of the final palm kernel vegetable oil is more clear and transparent. In addition, the decolorization step can also filter out the residual gum and Nigre again to reduce the impurities in the crude palm kernel oil.

Step 4: deodorization

In order to make the palm kernel oil meet the national vegetable oil standards, we may adopt steam distillation way to remove unacceptable odors. Under the condition of high temperature vacuum, we can make use of the volatility difference of odorous substances and remove the odorous substances by means of the principle of steam distillation.

palm kernel oil refinery machinePalm kernel oil refinery machine

After these four steps, we can obtain refined palm kernel vegetable oil. Considering customers’ processing requirements differences, Henan Glory Company specially designed three kinds of palm kernel oil to vegetable oil refinery machine: batch type refinery machine, semi-continuous refinery machine and full continuous refinery machine. Welcome to contact us and tell us your requirements, our professional engineer team will customize you the most suitable processing solutions!

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