Jamaican customer buy palm oil refining machine from Doing to start cooking oil refining business

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Good news, Jamaican customer ordered one set palm oil refining machine from Henan Doing Company to start cooking oil refining business. This is his first time steps into the cooking oil refining industry, he plans to start with a small scale cooking oil refinery plant. After a long time of communication, he finally chose to buy one set 2tpd palm oil refining machine to refine crude palm oil and other crude edible oil. Just yesterday we successfully received the customer's deposit.

palm oil refining machineJamaican customer ordered one set palm oil refining machine from Henan Doing Company

This Jamaican customer is mainly engaged in the import and export business of crude soybean oil, crude peanut oil, crude sunflower oil, crude palm oil, crude rapeseed oil, etc. An accidental chance, he learned that doing cooking oil refining business is feasible and profitable from one of his friend who has been refining crude edible oil for many years. As a businessman through and through, he is also want to earn profit from cooking oil refining business. So he began to look for suitable palm oil refining machine manufacturer to buy palm oil refining machine to start palm oil refining business.

After a long time of investigations, he learned that Henan Doing Company is a reliable palm oil refining machines manufacturer who has own factory and has rich experiences in cooking oil refining fields. So he sent us an inquiry directly and told us his specific demand, our project manager special designed suitable palm oil refining solution for him according to his detailed requirements. After a week of communication, Jamaican customer let our project manager to prepare Proforma Invoice(PI) for him and tell us he would like to pay the deposit. To be honest, we didn't believe it at that time. But we still prepared the Proforma Invoice(PI) according his requirements. As time went on, we actually received the customer's bank slip yesterday. This is really exciting news.

palm oil refining machine Small scale palm oil refining machine photo

Thank you to all of our customers for your continued loyalty, support and trust. We Henan Doing Company will try our best to supply high quality and high performance palm oil refining machine for our customers.

We all believe that this is a particularly pleasant partnership and we also hope that our Jamaican client's cooking oil refining project can put into production early. More information about Jamaican client's cooking oil refining project, please continue to pay attention to our next news.

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