Small scale palm oil processing machine, palm oil mill plant 3D animation video

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This is small scale palm oil processing machine, palm oil mill plant 3D animation video. This set of palm oil processing plant includes six steps: sterilization, threshing, digestion, pressing, crude oil clarification & filtration and palm oil drying, all of which are mechanically automated and work more efficiently.

palm oil processing machineSmall scale palm oil processing machine

As the palm fruits are very easy to rancidity, we sterilize it soon after harvesting from the palm plantations to avoid the free fatty acid to increase. Besides, sterilizing will also make the ffb become soft, which will be easier to separate the fruits from the bunches. After sterilizing, the palm fruit bunches will be transported to the thresher to separate the palm fruits from palm fruit bunches. The third step is digesting, to make the palm fruits become mash, which will increase the oil yield, final we can get more palm oil. After palm fruit digesting process, the treated palm fruit will be sent to palm oil press machine for further processing. After palm oil pressing process, we will get the crude palm oil with the impurities of sands, fiber, and water. Getting crude palm oil does not mean the end of palm oil processing steps, we still need the clarification processing and drying process to remove these impurities and water. (Related reading: What is the process of making palm oil?)

palm oil processing stepsPalm oil processing steps

After these palm oil processing steps, you can get the cleaning crude palm oil. If you want produce high quality palm oil, you can also consider palm oil refining process. By degumming, deacidification, decolorizing and deodorizing, the impurities in the palm oil can be removed to make the refined palm oil meet the national edible oil standard. If you want get higher economic value product, the palm oil fractionation plant will be essential, palm oil fractionation plant can help you get palm olein and palm stearin.

palm oil refining machineSmall scale palm oil refining machine

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