Palm kernel cracking and separating machine running video

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This video shows us the cracking and separation effect of palm kernel cracking and separating machine. By watching this video, we can know that the machine has excellent separation rate.

Palm kernel cracking and separating machine works in 2 steps, two kinds of equipment are used successively. First, the palm nuts cracking machine is used to crack the palm nuts, and then the palm kernel shell separating machine is used to separate the kernel and shell. The palm nuts cracking macchine works by adjusting the internal clearance of the equipment to break the different sizes palm nuts. Palm kernel shell separating machine is mainly based on the different gravity and suspension velocity of palm kernel and shell to separate broken palm kernel and shell. In order to achieve better separation effect, we can also adjust the air volume of the fan connected with the separation equipment.

Palm kernel cracking and separating machine has several advantages: high cracking rate, high separating rate, easy installation, operation and maintenance, small footprint and so on.

Palm kernel cracking and separating machine is one of the most popular equipment in palm kernel oil production process. Besides this , we also supply other palm kernel oil processing machine, like: palm kernel roastor machine, palm kernel oil expeller machine, palm kernel oil refining machine and others. If you are interested in this machine, welcome to contact us.

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