5tph palm oil processing plant,palm oil making machine introduction video

Video / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:Jan 14, 2022

Doing Machinery provides a range of palm oil processing plant to help people extract palm oil from fresh fruit bunches. This video show us the processing process of 5tph small scale palm oil processing mill which might be useful for new investors of palm oil production business. By watching this video, you will know what machines will be used in palm oil processing process and know the function of each machine.

Standard small scale palm oil processing mill basically includes belt conveyor, palm fruit sterilizer, palm fruit thresher, screw conveyor, palm fruit digester, double screw palm oil presser, vibrate screen, oil clarification tank, plate filter, oil pump and vacuum dryer. Attention that not all equipment is necessary except palm oil press and filter. You can choose the suitable palm oil processing machines based on your budget and business plan.

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