What is the uses of palm oil?

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Palm oil is used for various things and in various industries. It is used in the home, industries, etc. Palm oil is used in preparing meals, cosmetics, soap, animal feed, etc. The following expounds more on the uses of palm oil.

uses of palm oilUses of palm oil

● Cooking:

Palm oil is one of the important ingredients used in cooking meals of different kinds, ranging from soup, stew, sauce, etc. Different tribes use it for various meals, and it is a key part of the food industry. Palm oil is used to cook Egusi soup, Banga soup, oha soup, vegetable soup, beans, etc

Palm oil is also used to fry food such as plantain, pepper, etc. It can also be used in making food items, such as pancake, cereal, chocolates, etc


Palm oil is also used in making drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the properties of palm oil, it is also very useful and effective in enhancing the bioavailability and solubility of drugs. And this helps drugs last longer by extending their shelf lifespan.


Another important thing palm oil is used for is in manufacturing different things, ranging from cosmetics, snacks, margarine, stock cubes, detergents, candles, deodorants, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.


Palm oil is also one of the important products used in trading between nations of the world. Nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, etc have palm oil as a major export product, which yields a lot of income for their economies.

Feed production:

Palm oil is also used in the production of feed for animals and livestock, due to its heat-resistant and edible nature.

It is used in making feed for animals, ranging from dogs, cats, pigs, etc. Also, since it is good as preservatives, it helps to prolong the lifespan of feed, to help it stay longer on the shelf, before expiration.


Palm oil is used as a preservative in many food items, ranging from human food to feed for animals. It is used in preserving food items to ensure that they don’t get spoiled on time.

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