How much does it cost to set up palm oil making machine for a small business?

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To set up a small palm oil business, you should first need to choose palm oil making machine according to the area of your palm plantation. With this in mind, the cost of palm oil making machine of different sizes will vary. Henan Glory Company provides you with three kinds of palm oil making machine to buy.

1. 110 hectares palm plantation - 500kg/h single screw palm oil presser

single screw palm oil pressSingle screw palm oil press

If your palm planting area is 110 hectares, we recommend you to use our 500kg/h single-screw palm oil press machine, the screw is made of 2Cr13 wear-resistant alloy steel, which is of good quality and wear-resistant. What is more, this presser has two power systems to meet the needs of different regions, both diesel and motor.

The cost of purchasing the 500kg/h single screw palm oil press machine you need is about $950-$1250, and it may vary according to different power systems. If you need a specific cost quotation, welcome to inquire!

2. 220 hectares palm plantation——1-2t/h double-screw palm oil presser

double screw palm oil pressDouble screw palm oil press

If your palm plantation is about 220 hectares, our double screw palm oil press is suitable for you. It can process 1-2 tons of palm fruit per hour, and the end is equipped with a gearbox combined with hydraulic pressure. And it can automatically adjust the pressure of the pressing chamber, residual oil is low, and it is easy to operate.

If you want to buy a 1-2t/h double-screw palm oil press, it will cost about $6000-8000. While it will cost more, it's worth it. If you want to expand the scale of palm oil production in the future, it can be connected with other machines to form a complete palm oil production line.

3. Simple palm oil production line

simple palm oil production lineSimple palm oil processing line

If you want a more automatic and comprehensive palm oil production line for your small scale palm oil making business,here is a simple palm oil production line for you. It consists of palm oil thresher, palm oil press and plate filter.

The cost of the program is $6,000-$12,000. Palm oil thresher can help you thresh palm fruit from bunches. Palm fruit removal rate is above 95%. The plate filter machine can filter impurities in crude palm oil and get cleaner crude oil. This simple palm oil line is popular with small investors.

The above are the three choices and their cost ranges we can provide you, hoping to help you make the right choice. In addition, Henan Glory Company also provides medium or large palm oil processing machine, palm kernel oil processing machine, cooking oil refining and so on. If necessary, please contact us directly.

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