What is the difference between refined and unrefined palm oil and which one is preferable for consumption?

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No matter refined palm oil or unrefined palm oil all is extracted from the palm fruit. The big difference between refined and unrefined palm oil is the way in which the oil is extracted and how it's subsequently processed. Another big difference between refined and unrefined palm oil is the oil quality, including the solid impurities content, oil color, acid value, flavour.

palm oil processing machine Unrefined palm oil and refined palm oil

Major difference 1: palm oil extraction way

Unrefined palm oil refers to extract palm oil out from palm fruit. The most widely used palm oil machine is palm oil press machine. [Recommend reading: Red palm oil extraction process]

The refined palm oil processing process is complex compared with unrefined palm oil. Firstly, we need to use palm oil press machine or palm oil processing machine extracts palm oil out. After get crude palm oil, we need to use palm oil refining machine to refine crude palm oil. After palm oil refining process, we can get refined palm oil. [Recommend reading: Palm oil mill process]

palm oil extraction machine Unrefined palm oil extraction process and refined palm oil processing process

Major difference 2: the oil quality

Compared with unrefined palm oil, the refined palm oil flavor is more better, color and smell of palm oil is improved, the stability is improved which is good for long time storage.

But i need to tell you is that refining is not remove all the impurities in crude palm oil, but selectively remove impurities. For example, moisture not only affects the transparency of the oil but also promotes the rancidity of the oil; FFA affects flavor and promotes oil bad; and so on. Thus, cooking oil refining processing line is necessary for most kinds of cooking oil production process.

As for which one palm oil is preferable for consumption? I think the answer is not the only. When we visit Nigeria, we see there are some people eat palm oil straightly after pressing and no refining. And not only Nigerian, but lots of people in Africa do not refining for palm oil.

But with the improvement of people's living standard, i believe more and more people will pay attention to better quality palm oil.

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