Palm oil fractionatin process flow chart

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Palm oil fractionation process is a major process for palm oil deep processing. Palm oil fractionation is the effective way to make the best use of palm oil. After palm oil fractionation process, we can get palm olein and palm stearin.

Palm oil fracationation process flow chart:

palm oilfractionation processPalm oil fractionation process flow chart

Main steps in palm oil fractioantion process:

Step 1——Heating

Palm oil is semisolid at room temperature. First the RBD palm oil is dissolved in liquid form by steam. Next, it will be heated to about 70℃ before crystallization to destroy all existing crystals. During palm oil fractionation processing, the cooling crystallization conditions will determine the start of nuclear crystallization, the number of crystals, and the size of crystals.


palm oil fractionation processPalm oil fractionation process——preheating process

Step 2——Cooling Crystallization

It is the key of palm oil fractionation process. If the crystallization is successful, the separating process will be very easy. Therefore, the design of crystallizer is particularly important. For different types of crystallizers, they should have their own characteristics of cooling exchange surface, cooling system and stirring structure. Cooling efficiency and orderliness are the decisive factors to ensure the unique formation and filterability of crystals. Only in this way can we produce stable, uniform and filtrable crystals.

The operation is to control the cooling process by setting the temperature difference and cooling time between oil and cooling water, to form the crystal nucleus and grow slowly. Stop cooling when the desired temperature is reached.

palm oil fractionation processPalm oil fractionation process——cooling and crystallization process

Step 3——Filtering

It is of course important to control the condition of cooling crystallization. However the selection of filtration equipment also has a great influence on the yield of liquid palm oil. During palm oil fractionation process, the most widely used oil filtration machine is membrane filter press machine. It can separate palm olein from palm stearin effectively.

palm oil fractionation processPalm oil fractionation process——filteration process

The above is the brief introduction about palm oil fracationation process, more information about palm oil fractionation process, welcome to contact Henan Doing Company. [Related reading: Palm oil fractionation plant]

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