What are the factors affecting the extraction efficiency of palm kernel oil?

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Palm kernel oil is a common condiment; it is widely used in the growing food commercial industry due to its low cost. Its high oxidative stability and cholesterol- and trans-fatty-free properties are especially popular when used in refined products (saturated) for frying, which is beneficial to good health. It can be seen that the market for palm kernel oil is still very good. More people are investing in the palm kernel oil business, and the high efficiency of palm kernel extracting is also of great concern to everyone. So what are the factors affecting the extraction efficiency of palm kernel oil? I think it is mainly influenced by the following three aspects.

palm kernel oil extractionThe factors affecting the extraction efficiency of palm kernel oil

First, the quality of the palm kernel.

In many African countries and regions, palm kernels obtained after pressing crude palm oil can be found everywhere, and it is because of this that the storage and quality of palm kernels have been greatly affected. Fresh palm kernel oil is milky white or slightly yellowish, while palm kernel oil that has been stored for a long time or handled improperly will turn black, and the color and taste will be adversely affected. The quality of palm kernel directly affects the quality of palm kernel oil and the quality of refined oil, and also has a certain impact on the extracting.

Secondly, the temperature and humidity of palm kernels.

Our machine has obtained the best raw material humidity ratio after many trials: palm kernel with 8-10% humidity is the most suitable. As we all know, palm kernel is dry and hard. If it is directly pressed, the pressing effect is not particularly ideal, and it also affects the oil yield. Before pressing, it is better to cook, fry or crush it. On the one hand, it reduces the wear and tear of the machine, on the other hand, it increases the oil yield. Cooking and frying can increase the fragrance of palm kernel oil. Our drum type cooker heats it evenly and doesn't burn easily, increasing its temperature and humidity. Our crusher crushes the palm kernel into 4-8 pieces, which reduces the working pressure of the oil press and increases the oil yield at the same time. Recommended reading: Palm oil processing process

palm kernel oil processing machineOur small scale palm kernel oil processing machine

Finally, the quality of the palm kernel oil press.

Palm kernels are dry and hard, making high demands on the oil press. For the pressing process, the oil press is the core equipment. Palm kernel oil press can press a variety of oils, but conventional oil press cannot press palm kernels. Our screw press is made of 45-gauge steel, which is very durable. There are some ordinary carbon steel on the market, which has a short service life and is not durable. If the machine workload is large and the business is good, it can be used for as long as 1 year. It is very important for the selection of the oil press.

palm kernel oil pressPalm kernel oil press

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