Customer from Cameroon came to inspect palm oil refining and fractionation machine

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On 6th July, Customer from Cameroon came Henan Doing Company. The aim of his coming is to inspect 5tpd palm oil refining and fractionation machine.

This customer told us he was interested in Ghana 5tpd palm oil refinery plant and fractionation plant project that we installed in 2018. He also want to set up a palm oil refinery plant like it and hope we can send detailed information of small scale palm oil refining to him. After knowing his real needs, our sales manager not only explained to him our latest palm oil refining technology, but also introduced the functions of each equipment in the whole palm oil refining machine one by one.

palm oil refining machineCustomer from Cameroon came to inspect palm oil refining and fractionation machine

The second day, he went to our factory to see the model machine of 1-5pd batch type palm oil refining machine, and the edible oil refinery machine manufacturing process in the factory. Besides, our sales introduce some information he should consider when setting up a palm oil refinery plant.

palm oil refining machineCameroon customer was visiting Henan Doing Factory

This palm oil refinery project is still in its early stages, Cameroon customer still need to do a lot of prepare work. Maybe at the end of 2019, he would come Henan Doing Company again. We are look forward to cooperate with him. If there is new information about this project, we will update in time.

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